Aladdin Phats / Pants / Unisex


Aladdin Phats / Pants / Unisex

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What happens when rave meets hippie? The best Aladdin pants in the world happen.
Aladdin pants that have shape and style, and that are super comfy to wear!

They have all you could need and maybe more, Featuring a whopping 6 epic pockets! Three on each side, the top pocket is a zip pocket for all those bit you need to keep safe, the second is an open pocket, to shove your hands in or whatever you need to put down but don’t care so much about and the third pocket is a really big pocket with a flap and press stud closure, this pocket is so big you could put your t- shirt or water bottle in there.

The waistband is fitted at the front to give you a nice clean line and elastic along the back for comfort and to give a varied size fit- these are available in 2 sizes

The real feature on these pants other than all their practicality is their super awesome colour contrast and radical fabric using my steampunk paisley print.

Great for day to day comfyness, adventuring, festival play, dance floors, dirt rolling, spinning, fire play, and generally looking like a badass!

When designing these badboys one thing I was really set on achieving was a great shape when worn as pants and when worn as shorts. Many Aladdin pants look like a skirt when worn as shorts, mine however actually look like shorts with awesome ballooned hems. So wear them up as shorts or pull them down and wear them as pants.

These pants are made from a 100% cotton fabric called suede twilling, this super lush, breathable fabric has a suede finish which is beautiful to wear and touch, this fabric is printed with my steampunk paisley print that you will not find anywhere else!

When selecting colour options please note the colours are listed as base colour, contrast colour and then printed colour. Colour options are as follows;
Black / Red / Red
Plum / Black / Plum
Olive / Black / Olive
Black / Brown / Black
Brown / Olive / Brown