img_hoopcourseFee Nix is a Melbourne based hoop dance instructor, performer and creator with a passion for personal development and the healing power of the hoop. Through her own journey Fee Nix has felt and connected with the healing that this simple, magical toy has to offer. A very colourful and creative soul with a divine purpose to share healing through creative play, her goal is to share this healing hooping power with those who need it most.

The hula hoop has immense healing power, it allows complete freedom and escape. Hooping nurtures a clear and focused mind; it can help detach you from every thought you have and all the stress you are carrying. The hula-hoop is a beautiful, free, creative and expressive type of meditation. There is no need for perfection, it is simply letting out the emotion and creative vibes you have on the day. – Fee Nix

This is an ever evolving workshop and one very close to my heart. After traveling to America and attending many flow festivals I was inspired by the teaching techniques of Caterina Sutton, Matthias Elliot and my favourite Baxter. I then spent some time in an ashram in Nepal learning many different meditation techniques and experiencing the bliss these provide.

Hoop Dance isn’t just about the hoop, it’s about the body and body movement, that’s why it’s called hoop DANCE! The hoop is only half of it, the DANCE makes up the rest.

This workshop is designed to bring you into your body and out of your mind through dance, movement and breath work. This workshop is sure to leave you blissed out!

This workshop is designed to open up new creative pathways for flow within each participant’s own hoop dance style. Focusing on opening up body movement and dance to compliment the participants own vocabulary of tricks, rather than introducing a vast number of new skills which can be overwhelming in a workshop environment. Some skills desired but definitely not required, just come with an open mind and a willingness to let go and step into a new creative flow.

Some experience is desired but definitely not required, simply come with an open heart and a willingness to let go.

This workshop has grown through the idea of experiencing hula hooping as a conscious meditation rather than simply a subconscious one. Once we make this conscious connection it allows us to truly experience the release of stress through meditation, and allows the hooper to connect with the hoop in a way like never before. This relaxed state and connection with the hoop gives the hooper a new experience of freedom with the hoop and enables them to find a flow that they may not have previously experienced.

This workshop is about getting back in touch with your senses with majority of the workshop done blind folded; participants will need to rely on their sense of touch to move in harmony with their hoop. The first section of the workshop will focus on meditation within and without the hoop, this will enable participants to relax into the session and connect with the body while releasing tension. The remainder of the session will focus on finding flow and expressing feeling through hoop dance.

Key elements will include:

  • Meditation
  • Hoop meditation
  • Releasing tension and pain
  • Finding flow
  • Feeling the hoop
  • Showing gratitude
  • Finding peace and freedom

This workshop will focus on building a solid foundation for participants to progress from while incorporating some fun and fanciful flair for participants to play with. This workshop will include

  • On body hoop drills and troubleshooting (stomach, chest, knees, shoulders)
  • Off body basics
  • Transitions on and off body
  • Basic movement with the hoop
  • Building strength and control
  • Finding flow and flair
  • Linking tricks, finding sequences

Hoops provided, no experience required, just come and play.

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